Dr. Lorenzo Trujillo is affiliate professor of music and the director of the Metropolitan State University Mariachi Ensemble and the Mariachi Correcaminos. He began playing mariachi and traditional southwest Hispanic music as a teenager with the Mariachi Alegre and The Southwest Musicians with which he made recordings presenting music for entertainment and liturgical holiday events. Lorenzo is the director of the Southwest Musicians. He was awarded the 1996 Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts, acknowledging his work as a folk violinist, guitarist, and vocalist, among his other accomplishments as a musician, ethnic dancer, folklorist, arts administrator, and culture bearer for approximately five decades. He was awarded funding from the National Endowment for the Arts as a performing artist in 1976. In 2004, he was awarded the Hilos Culturales Distinguished Traditional Folk Artist Premio for his lifetime contributions to the traditional Hispanic traditions of Southern Colorado and New Mexico. Dr. Trujillo has presented thousands of concerts, lecture demonstrations, and has published extensively about traditional music and dance of the Southwest United States over the past 40 years. He has recorded and performed for television, radio and on numerous CDs. In 2009, he was inducted into the Colorado Chicano Music Hall of Fame and in 2011 he was presented with the Tesoro Cultural Center’s Tesoro de Oro Award. His most popular CD is: The Golden Age of the Southwest: From 1840 to Hollywood.

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Mariachi at Boettcher



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January, 2019

January 13

Cathedral Mass with the Bishop
Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
Denver, Colorado

January 14

National Amer.Psych.Assn. & Multicultural Conference
Sheraton Hotel
Denver, Colorado

February, 2019

February 16

2019 Colorado Statewide Mariachi Festival
Metropolitan State University at the King Concert Hall
Denver, Colorado

April, 2019

April 5

St. Martin’s Choir Concert
Denver, Colorado

May, 2019

May 4

Cinco de Mayo
Greek Theater: 1-2pm
Folklorico Stage: 2:30pm
Denver, Colorado

Cheluna Brewery
Stanley Marketplace
Aurora, Colorado

May 5

Cinco de Mayo Concert
Colorado Symphony
2:30 pm
Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Denver, Colorado

May 8

US Bank
Broncos Stadium
Denver, Colordao

May 9

President Davidson HSI Celebration
4:00 - 6:30 pm
9th Street Park, Metropolitan State University
Denver, Colorado

May 10

University of Colorado Law School Graduation Procession
Macky Auditorium
Boulder, Colorado

May 12

Mariachi los Correcaminos de MSU Denver
Spring Concert
Metropolitan State University at the King Concert Hall
Denver, Colorado

June, 2019

June 14

Fandango at Reynold’s Ranch
Center of the American West
University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, Colorado

September, 2019

September 14 – 15

Spanish Market
Tesoro Cultural Center at The Fort Morrison, Colorado

October, 2019

October 3

Governor’s Mansion Celebration
Denver, Colorado

December, 2019

December 1

Farolito at The Fort
Tesoro Cultural Center
Morrison, Colorado

December 6

Cheluna Brewery
Stanley Marketplace
Aurora, Colorado

December 8

Fall Concert
Metropolitan State University
King Concert Hall
Denver, Colorado

December 14

Colorado Youth Mariachi Program
Commerce City, Colorado

January, 2020

January 12

Mexican Rodeo & Extravaganza
National Western Stock Show
Denver, Colorado

February, 2020

February 14

Viva Southwest Mariachi Festival
Metropolitan State University
King Concert Hall
Denver, Colorado

March, 2020

March 2

AIPAC Lecture
Washington DC Convention Center
Washington, DC

All future programming is on hold pending release of pandemic restrictions.


The Golden Age of the Southwest

The Golden Age of the Southwest:
From 1840 to Hollywood

Featuring Lorenzo A. Trujillo, with cousins and friends

Order online here:


Also available locally in Denver at:
CHAC Gallery, 772 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204.

A Musical Banquet

A Musical Banquet,
From Santa Fe to Denver

Featuring Lorenzo A. Trujillo, with cousins and friends

This CD represents the music of Colorado and New Mexico based on classics from folk traditions. Some of the selected pieces date back to the 1840’s during the trapper period in the Southwest when Colorado and New Mexico were first being settled and other selections are more contemporary. The two artists join forces to create an exciting new rendition of these pieces representing the past to the present with a unique and authentic sound.

Order a copy from CDBaby here:

Valse de la Grandma
Tennessee Waltz
Anniversary Song

Southwest Musicians

Southwest Musicians

Twenty traditional pieces from the old time music of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico presented on violin, guitar, guitarron and vocals. Truly a treasure for the collector of the music of the Rio Grande of 1840 to today.

Order a copy from CDBaby here:

La Varsovianna
Valse de los Paños
La Comancha
Son Los Años
Valse Taoseño
Valse Apasionado


¡Mariachis Correcaminos en Denver!

Noticias Colorado feature



Music and the Arts

Dr. Lorenzo Trujillo – Taking Mariachi Music to New Heights

El Alba Magazine, June, 2018

“Lorenzo Trujillo loved music from an early age, inspired by his Aunt Eva Nuánez, celebrated Denver Songstress…”

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A Journey in Time – A Story about Dr. Lorenzo A. Trujillo

Colorado Hispanic Genealogist, December, 2017
The Journal of the Colorado Society of Hispanic Genealogy

“Living History from a Genealogy Foundation”

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El Triple Compromiso De Lorenzo Trujillo

CASA Magazine, May 2017

“El conocido abogado Lorenzo Trujillo fue premiado por la Colorado Hispanic Bar Association (CHBA) en su gala del 2017… ”

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Metro State student musicians to fill void of mariachi teachers in Colorado
Metro State program seeks to share Mexican culture through mariachi performances

By Elizabeth Hernandez, June 13, 2016

“As you ascend the building’s stairs, the violins, guitars, vihuela and guitarron come into earshot. Then the powerful voices of the Metro State mariachi ensemble are booming through the music room’s doors … ”

See the article in the Denver Post

Mariachi culture takes centerstage

By Teresa Diaz Soriano, November 4, 2016

“Since the fall of 2015, the sweet sounds of mariachi can be heard coming from room 293 in the Arts Building every Friday. The music course Mariachi Ensemble is offered at MSU Denver for academic credit …”

See the full text in Met Media


Marketing: An Organizational Approach

By Lorenzo A. Trujillo
September, 1981

The subject of this seminar is "Marketing: An Organizational Approach." Marketing means "to offer for sale" (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 1973). Specifically, I will refer to an organizational approach to marketing.

Before beginning, take a piece of paper and:

  1. Draw yourself
  2. On the upper right hand corner of the paper, write in:
    • your age
    • your occupation
    • what you want most in life (one word)
    • how you feel right now (one word)
Click here for full text


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